For all the Thread Hijackers

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For all the Thread Hijackers

Post by BlazeTSU » Tue February 20th, 2007, 10:10 am

this mainly applies to Blarg! and Necro, who seem to think taking over the boards and hijacking all threads to bitch at each other is acceptable. It is NOT!

We opened up a little place on the forums called "THE TOILET" a while back to put a stop to all this. If anyone on here is too retarded to use it then you might find yourself banned! I'm real sick of opening threads and seeing AIM conversations that have shit to do with Atlanta, Metal or the thread topic. Handle your drama on your own time.

On the same token, we need to cut down on hijacking threads about shows. Even if you hate the band that is posting the show date and think they are gay as hell don't post shit like "go home emo cunt" or anything similiar. Just go to the tiolet and make a thread "[insert band name here] sucks my ass!" or something of that nature.

We have a lot of new or younger people coming to the boards and they aren't going to know everything about metal. We can be a little accomadating seeing how everyone here at one point was just getting into metal and thought we knew everything too. Lets not drive everyone over to the boards and breed more mediocre metalcore. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR REAL ATLANTA METAL! but if we run everyone off than our unity will die and it'll be the same 12 people until we all die.

That is all.

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Post by Blarg! » Tue February 20th, 2007, 10:57 am

ah Alright,That sounds good

To the toilet!

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