but the wide doors stood open

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but the wide doors stood open

Post by wywm299471 » Fri October 21st, 2011, 2:55 am

No windows, but the wide doors stood open. In some of the cars a canvas hung down in the center of the car, while in others only the position of the door made the boundary. The Joads had one end of an end car. Some previous occupant had fitted up an oil can with a stovepipe, had made a hole in the wall for the stovepipe. Even with the wide door open, it was dark in the ends of the car. Ma hung the tarpaulin across the middle of the car. "It's nice," she said. "It's almost nicer than anything we had 'cept the gov'ment camp." Each night she unrolled the mattresses on the floor, and each morning rolled them up again. designer handbags
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And every day they went into the fields and picked the cotton, and every night they had meat. On a Saturday they drove into Tulare, and they bought a tin stove and new overalls for Al and Pa and Winfield and Uncle John, and they bought a dress for Ma and gave Ma's best dress to Rose of Sharon. "She's so big," Ma said. "Jus' a waste of good money to get her a new dress now." The Joads had been lucky. They got in early enough to have a place in the boxcars. Now the tents of the late comers filled the little flat, and those who had the boxcars were old timers, and in a way aristocrats. The narrow stream slipped by, out of the willows, and back into the willows again. From each car a hard beaten path went down to the stream.


Post by Anonymous » Tue February 14th, 2012, 12:36 am

And every day they went into the Buy Runescape Gold fields and best the cotton, and every night they had meat.

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