To Incarceri 9:

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Post by Metalfreak » Wed October 26th, 2016, 10:07 pm

Nobody gets into stupid ass arguments like this anymore. Well, they do and it's on facebook and the sheer level of stupidity I read in those comments makes my IQ drop several points. At least on here it was entertaining because their bands sucked.
They had you do a drug test and the forgot to test for drugs???

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Re: To Incarceri 9:

Post by MaleficSounds » Thu October 27th, 2016, 9:14 pm

Knucklehead wrote:
Brian wrote:I have every right to talk about how much your band sucks, much like you have every right to make Youtube videos for your legion of 10 neckbearded, flame-shirt wearing, McTriple gorging hoverhands discussing how much you hate the latest songs by Malefic, Living Decay, and Doomed Youth. And yet, you don't see us hitting up Google to complain, do you?

Your band sucks. First amendment, motherfucker. I'd rather be given AIDS by a swarm of starving African children than listen to your band for more than 45 seconds. You know the Japanese earthquake? Yeah, that was God's punishment on humanity for having to sit through 30 seconds of the video for Eyes of the Totenkopf.
From the OP.

Pure gold.

I'm pretty sure this comment broke the band up LOL

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Post by Mortis_Kull » Sat August 11th, 2018, 1:12 am

SlashAndThrash wrote:
Sun March 13th, 2011, 9:48 pm
If you really even cared about your band you wouldn't slap a photo of some ugly fatass in a filthy Peanuts t-shirt hangin out at applebees up as a promotional picture. lern2band

Man, this thread was the best golden turd to ever float in this toilet before Frankol and his band got flushed. But this quote above still puts me in laughing fits.

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