the purpose of this forum (read before posting here)

This is the place to talk shit! its also where we flush the nonsense

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the purpose of this forum (read before posting here)

Post by Greg » Sun October 9th, 2005, 8:50 pm

Hello and welcome to the asshole of the Atlanta Metal Forums!

The whole point of this forum is: if you feel the need to talk shit about someone for whatever reason, do it here and keep it here. Keep all the 43865140375609754 different ways of calling someone "gay" out of the other forums and do it here and here only. This should help keep actual discussions in the other forums on-topic without them getting bogged down with retarded flamewars.

It is ultimately the judgment of the Atlanta Metal Forum staff what will be moved here and what won't. We'll let a snide comment here or there in other threads slip if it's funny or relevant to the discussion, but posts and threads deliberately attacking someone else will get flushed down to here, and you can both have at it until you're blue in the keyboard.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled virtual feces flinging.


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