Another special show for tonight's WREKage

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Another special show for tonight's WREKage

Post by BlackRoija » Fri October 21st, 2011, 7:07 pm


Heavy fucking metal.

Two things that I think we can all agree are both very likeable at their best. But do they belong together? Gramps may say fuck no, Manowar sure as hell never needed no wymyn. They just had each other. One moist, naked, pulsating body of man against another. Dio would agree; they'll only "bring you down".

But it's 2011. And on tonight's WREKage, we'll be proving them all wrong and show that the girls in our lives can rock just as hard as the boys. Metal knows no boundary of gender, regardless of those who claim to have the answer for what "metal REALLY stands for, brah". Nor does it relegate our feminine peers solely to positions of visual stimulation, serving merely as gimmicks to mask the lack of real innovation hiding behind the (whoa, dude, it's a) chick (!). Looking at you, Nightwish.

The best of FCC-friendly metal featuring women, from the 90s to today (for time's sake). Tune in at midnight, same as always.

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