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CDs/Cassettes/Zines/etc for Sale/Trade

Post by Brian » Sun January 23rd, 2022, 9:55 am

Trimming the fat....most inventory listed on Discogs.

A small handful of tapes and records that are banned from Discogs....PM for list.

Zines are $5/ea or buy 4 get 1 free. Shipping not included.


Arcane Archivist 1 (Worm/Dodheimsgard/Ulver/Ebony Pendant)
Chromium Dioxide 4 (Various)
Cimmerian Shadows 1 (40 Watt Sun/Briton Rites/Cauldron Born/Rich Walker)
Cimmerian Shadows 2 (John Arch/Manilla Road/Wytch Hazel)
Codex Obscurum 4 (Autopsy/Midnight/Primordial/Svartidaudi)
Compilation of Death 2.1 (Too many to list, mostly death metal)
Compilation of Death 2.2 (Too many to list, mostly death metal)
Crypts of Eternity 4 (Vasaeleth/Cruciamentum/Anatomia/Imprecation)
Death Beat (SLAYER/Electric Wizard/The Devil's Blood/Soft Moon)
Death to the World - various issues
Hell Bent for Metal 5 (Portrait/Cauchemar/Borrowed Time)
Isten ??? (Lord Vicar / Chris Black)
Isten ??? (Negative Plane/Primordial)
Kaleidoscope 5 (Trelldom/Drowned/Incantation)
Kaleidoscope 6 (Ruins of Beverast/Celestial Bloodshed/Vassafor/Manes)
Kaleidoscope 8 (Altar of Plagues/Austered/ColdWorld/Crooked Necks/Crystal Darkness/Fleurety/Black Majesty/Triptykon/Saros)
Kaleidoscope 9 (Akitsa/Arckanum/Dodsengel/Lantern/Satanic Warmaster)
Kaleidoscope 11 (Choir of Young Believers/Hexvessel/)
Kaleidoscope 12 (Dolentia/Malefices/Reveal/Uncreationist/Year of the Goat)
Kaleidoscope 14 (Anhedonist/Beyond/Tribulation)
Kaleidoscope 15 (Cosmic Church/Thou Art Lord)
Kaleidoscope 17 (Bolzer/Gehenna/Irkallian Oracle/Axeslaughter)
Morbid Tales 1 (Sabbat/Impaler/Blasphemy)
Morbid Tales 2 (Anvil/Witches Hammer/Cloven Hoof)
Morbid Tales 3 (SacrificeOnslaught/Slaughter)
Morbid Tales 4 (Tom Angelripper/Exciter/Countess/Wino)
Morbid Tales 5
Morbid Tales 6 (Voivod/Pagan Altar/Master's Hammer)
Mystical Music 15 (Aeon/Dismember/Grave/Edge of Sanity/Demilich/Repugnant)
Mystical Music 16 (Autopsy/Morgoth/Brutality/LockUp)
Oaken Throne 4 (Temple of Baal/Wolves in the Throne Room/Withered/Nachtmystium)
Oaken Throne 5 (Cult of Daath/Portal/Archgoat)
Oaken Throne 6 (Akitsa/Immolation/Necros Christos)
Pure Chaos 2 (Degial/Occult Burial/Under the Church)
Rape & Honey (Funeral Mist)
Rape & Honey (Weapon)
Slayer 20 (Too many to list) ($10 on its own, $5 if purchased w/ 2+ others)
Snakepit 2 (UFO/Tarot/Razor/Raven/Venom)
StrataNael 3(?) (Vorkreist/Diabolicum/Primordial, signed by A. Averill from Primordial -- think this one is a photocopy of the original issue)
The Heretic's Torch (Agalloch/Revelation/Slough Feg/Faustcoven)
War on All Fronts 1 (Desaster/Portrait/The Wounded Kings)

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