Thrasher/shredder wanted(SADRIT)

need a drummer...a guitarist....or are you a vocalist wanting to join a band? this is the place to start the journey

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Thrasher/shredder wanted(SADRIT)

Post by SadisticRitual » Tue January 20th, 2015, 8:48 pm

Recently Sadistic Ritual made a drastic change from a 5 peice to a 3 peice. We currently are loving it, however we are considering adding a serious shredder to the band. We need more tasteful and impressive solos added to the band.

-must have GOOD gear
-must be under the age of 25(we're a very young band)
-be ready for tour
-must be able to financially contribute to merch/tour/etc
-most importantly DONT BE A FUCKING DICK.
-drugs are fine just hold your shit together.

We practice Tuesday afternoons at the Thunderbox
PM us on here, fb or email(

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