Q: How do people find bands now?

need a drummer...a guitarist....or are you a vocalist wanting to join a band? this is the place to start the journey

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Q: How do people find bands now?

Post by Gorgorostrich » Wed December 5th, 2018, 9:11 pm

I'm not even actively looking for a metal band, now, so you might wanna skip this thread and go to one of my previous posts if you wanna know what kind I'd be down to join. But those haven't had bites since years back, and CraigsList seems dodgier than ever now, too. Facebook is now and always has been an abyss. Are there any reliable ways to find a drummer in this town? Last band dissolved 'cuz everyone was busy (there was some bad faith, too, but I'm sure I've done stuff like that in the past) and the last almost-band dissolved before it could start cuz of the same. If I could get 1 more person on board, we could be worse than me solo and we'd still get more gigs than I do alone.

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Re: Q: How do people find bands now?

Post by melkor » Wed December 5th, 2018, 10:42 pm

post an ad in the recycler
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